About the SMC

In January, 2006 approximately fifteen Law Enforcement Officers from various Colorado Law Enforcement Jurisdictions and from other Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs, decided that they wanted to start a club of their own.

Thus began the Sentinels Motorcycle Club. We wanted a club where active and retired law enforcement officers, who liked riding motorcycles in their spare time, could come together and share their enjoyment of the open road.

Many of us felt a loss of camaraderie on the job with our fellow officers. To us the words Honor, Loyalty, Duty and Brotherhood had lost much of their meaning. Since we were having a hard time finding it at work, we came together in this club to get back what we had lost.

The officers of this club, while at work, serve their communities with determination and perseverance and risk our lives everyday to make our cities a better and safer place to live. Off the job, the officers of this club hold themselves to the same standard by helping out in their communities and with charities as bikers.

We are Law Enforcement Officers/Bikers, and we don’t apologize for what we are or love. We wear our colors proudly and respect all other colors, as long as you respect ours.

Like all clubs, the Sentinels Motorcycle Club has had its share of internal conflict. What hasn’t destroyed us has made us stronger. We are a Law Enforcement Club; it is both what and who we are. We want Law Enforcement Officers who are proud to wear the BADGE on duty, and proud to wear our PATCH off duty. We want Law Enforcement Officers who are just as comfortable wearing their uniform on the street, as they are wearing our colors and riding their motorcycles into a biker rally.

We have a few civilians in our club, and we’re very proud of them. It takes a lot to understand a police officer’s mentality, much less want to be around them for an extended period of time. Just like us, their determination and perseverance has made them part of this club. We trust them to have our back when and if the time comes.

This patch is not for sale. If you’re a shy person, a non committal person or a person with a myriad of excuses for why you don’t wear colors, or can’t attend club functions, then you should look else where for a kinder, gentler club.

We are the Sentinel Nation and we know who our brothers are.